These are a refined and concise set of summary notes on some key concepts and topics that are prominent in this subject. These are topics that are likely to be examined on, or may be tested. Each topic has a short summary of the main key points below it. This a great tool to familiarise yourself with key content, or to rehearse key content in the lead up to the exam. It is NOT a full set of notes. If you would like a full set of notes, please see 'Marketing Communication Refined Final Exam Notes from an HD student 90%'.

Both sets of notes in conjunction are desirable for optimum exam revision.

The topics included are as follows:

- What value relationships to communicate: Brands, branding, IMC planning
- How communication works: theory overview, models and objectives
- Who to communicate to/with/for/between and what to communicate
- What to communicate and how to communicate it: creative strategy and execution
- Where to communicate: media strategy choices
- Where to communicate and how much will it cost: media strategy and budgeting
- Deconstructing IMC - Advertising and Sales Promotion
- Deconstructing IMC - Direct Response and Digital
- Deconstructing IMC - PR, Sponsorship and Events
- Broader communication environment: Legal, Ethical and Global perspectives
- Evaluation of effectiveness


Semester 1, 2019

16 pages

6,089 words



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