Semester 1, 2019

PSY20006 Cognition & Human Performance (Thoughtfully Designed Exam Notes)

12 pages

15,000 words



Thoughtfully designed notes for the visual learners, designed by a graphic designer. (Continuation of a series.)

In studying for this exam I tried to condense each week's topic/chapter to a page or two for easier learning, figuring it would be easier to absorb and engage with aesthetically satisfying notes that fit on one page rather than standard notes spread over many pages in a plain word document.

Combines module content with in-depth summaries and diagrams from various readings/articles.

Topics covered:

Introduction to Human Cognition
Sensation & Perception
Memory Basics
Long Term Memory
Everyday Memory
Consciousness & Emotion
Cognitive Heuristics & Decision Making
Problem Solving & Expertise
Theory of Mind

I originally designed these to be printed out and used as a supplementary to flash cards. (I recommend printing & testing yourself against unit outcomes.)