Semester 2, 2018

ECON2560 Content

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ECON2560 content curated from lecture, tutorial and textbook material
- contains snapshots and summaries of relevant textbook chapters integrated with lecture material
- only relevant information from textbook included
- includes information from chapters 1-7 concurrent with lectures 1-7:

(1) Introduction to economics of globalisation and development (CH 1 & 2) -measurement of economic development, objectives of development, etc
(2) Theories and development (CH 3 & 4) - theories of economic development, change models, revolutionary theories and models, etc
(3) Poverty, inequality and development (CH 5) - measuring income inequality and poverty, measuring absolute poverty, inequality and social welfare, etc
(4) Measuring child poverty
(5) Effect on social capital on well-being
(6) Population growth and economic development: causes, consequences and controversies (CH 6) - population growth issues and stages, causes of high fertility in developing countries and consequences, policy approaches etc
(7) Urbanisation and rural urban migration: theory and policy (CH 7) - informal sector, criticisms, theories and migration and employment strategies, etc




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