Semester 1, 2019

Excellent HD Intellectual Property Exam Notes

119 pages

35,000 words



Extremely comprehensive and detailed MLL410 notes.

Case studies outlined clearly. Exam answer templates provided at the end of each topic with various diagrams and figures to assist as visual aids.

Reminders and notes throughout. Every aspect of the course covered in a detailed and thorough manner. All examinable topics covered:
Topic 1: Introduction to Intellectual Property
Topic 2: Trade Marks A: Registrability
Topic 3: Trade Marks B: Ownership, opposition, rights, infringement
Topic 4: Copyright A: What copyright protects
Topic 5: Copyright B: Rights and infringement
Topic 6: Copyright C: Defences, remedies, ownership and transmission
Topic 7: Patents A: Rationales and the concept of invention
Topic 8: Patents B: Validity
Topic 9: Patents C: Infringement
Topic 10: Registered Designs (NOT EXAMINABLE IN 2019)