Semester 1, 2019

Excellent HD Administrative Law Exam Notes

70 pages

32,000 words



Extremely comprehensive and detailed MLL424 notes.

Case studies outlined clearly. Also includes sample exam themes for end of year essays.

Reminders and notes throughout. Every aspect of the course covered in a detailed yet concise way (as this exam MLL424 is CLOSED BOOK):
Topic 1: Introduction to Administrative Law
Topic 2: Introduction to Judicial Review
Topic 3: Introduction to Grounds of Review & Procedural Fairness
Topic 4: Determining the Scope of the Power
Topic 5: Improper Exercise of Power
Topic 6: Consequences of Unlawful Action
Topic 7: Jurisdictional Error and Limits on Judicial Review
Topic 8: Merits Review and Administrative Review
Topic 9: Ombudsman and Freedom of Information