This is the most up-to-date note as I adjusted the relevant changes that made for 2019 CLAW subject.

For CLAW, you can bring all the written materials into the exam room. In other others, you can REALLY bring in the prepared, sorted and comprehensive notes into the room to help you out as much as possible when answering the exam questions.

This note is based on the lecture materials. It contains two parts. The first part contains all the key topic summary such as consequences for breach director duty, member’s remedy, transacting by companies, reporting and disclosure etc. Each of the summaries is carefully prepared and free of mistake (I triple checked and confirmed with the standard as well as the lecture material). It is very compressed (only 20 pages) but very useful! The reason for this part of the note is just the same as the lecture suggests that the exam question is not tailored to a specific lecture only, it examines all the materials that you learnt throughout the semester. The part one summary saves your time and effort in sorting and summarising all the lecture materials, standards, cases, tutorials and examples together.

The second part contains comprehensive and detailed lecture materials. Based on the lecture notes, I added all the examples, reasoning and applications that the lecturer discussed. This notes not only can help you prepare for the exam but also can keep your mind clear when you answer the exam question. It is easy to be distracted by the facts given in the exam question. This comprehensive and detailed lecture material would make you stick with what you have learned and quickly get what is the key issue in the question.

I personally heavily relied on this note preparing for the exam as well as doing the exam question. I achieved 86 on this subject. Hope you enjoy the note as much as I do. Best wishes to your exam!!


Semester 1, 2018

64 pages

28,952 words


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