Semester 1, 2018

Micronutrient Summary Tables

22 pages

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Grade achieved: High Distinction/7

Summary of all micronutrients, including fat and water soluble vitamins and major and minor minerals. Covers for:
- Fat-soluble vitamins: Description/forms, Digestion/Absorption/Activation Transport/Storage/Excretion, Functions and MOA, Deficiency/Toxicity, signs/symptoms, Units and conversion to IU, Food sources
- Water-soluble vitamins: Coenzyme form, Site of conversion, Absorption, Transport/Storage/Excretion, Function, Deficiency/Toxicity/Excessive intake, Food Sources
- Major minerals: Absorption/transport, Excretion, Functions, NRV, Deficiency, Toxicity, Food
- Minor minerals: Absorption/transport, Storage/Excretion Functions, NRV, Deficiency, Toxicity, Food
As well as an overall summary of main deficiency/toxicity symptoms for each micronutrient.




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