Semester 1, 2019

Comprehensive High Distinction Notes for Level 3 Spanish

23 pages

4,085 words



Looking for last minute, crash course revision or condensation of course materials for SPAN2611? Don't panic, I've got you covered here

23 pages of fully typed SPAN2621 notes.

Covers ALL grammar topics covered in class. Includes extra information from a variety of sources + useful diagrams and illustrations that make memorization a lot easier

These notes helped me score 85 (High Distinction) for SPAN2611!

Topics covered:
- contrasting ser and estar
- preterite indefinido
- imperfecto
- contrasting perterite indefinido e imperfecto
- preterito perfecto (present perfect)
- contrasting present perfect and preterite
- ya, todavia no, preterito perfecto
- gerunds
- pronombres objeto directo
- formas impersonales
- personal pronouns: direct object
- tener que vs. hay que vs. ir a
- expresiones para valorar cosas y actividades ludicas
- hablar de intenciones y proyectos
- sintomas y problemas de salud
- imperativo

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