Semester 1, 2019

HD Principles of Litigation and Dispute Resolution Notes

64 pages

30,581 words




These are my PLDR notes that helped me secure an excellent exam mark and overall HD grade.

Includes a very comprehensive contents page which clearly identifies each main topic and the sub-issues involved; lots of detailed case summaries and lots of exam sentences that you can input directly into your own exam.

I have also included on the end my exam topic summary sheet which, really clearly outlines each topic, trigger scenarios, issues to be considered and each item that should be checked off. This was incredibly useful and I took in as a separate document to make sure I was on track!

1. CPA - overarching purpose and obligations

3. Parties and joinders of claims
4. Commencing proceedings, service and appearance
5. Defining the issues in dispute
6. Interlocutory applications
7. Gathering Evidence
8. Class Actions (NB: our focus here was policy not exam format)
9. Disposition of disputes - settlement, disposition and trial
10. Costs




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