I created these notes as a way to simplify concepts and take out all the 'waffle' of content they teach but is not testable. These notes are concise and straight to the point. They simply tricky concepts and help spell out the basics so you can understand the complex concepts. These notes cover chapters 1 -10:

- Week 1: Introduction to Statistics
- Week 2: Summarising and Displaying Data
- Week 3: Summarising and Displaying Data Cont.
- Week 4: Introduction to Distributions: the Normal Distribution
- Week 5: Sampling Distributions and Confidence Intervals for Proportions
- Week 6: Means
- Week 7: Hypothesis Tests for a Population Means
- Week 8: Comparing Population Means
- Week 9: Simple Linear Regression PT 1
- Week 10: Simple Linear Regression PT 2

I got a distinction in this subject - and these notes got me there! Good luck to you all :D


Semester 2, 2017

20 pages

1,924 words



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