Notes organised by week with lecture notes, online modules, assigned readings and ER in the news articles. I have made these detailed notes using all assessable content for the course - online modules, lecture slides, lecturer comments and examples, required readings of journal articles and news articles, and the textbook. All the important information for WORK1003 to help you get a great mark for tutorial participation, the mid-semester exam and the final exam for topic 1. Topics in my notes are according to the week they were taught 1. Introduction to employment relations 2. Employment relations and the changing context 3. Employment relations theories and workplace conflict 4. Writing critical essays Notes for the required readings are also included in these notes: Week 1 Findlay & Thompson (2017) - Contemporary work: Its meanings and demands Week 2 Textbook chapter 1 - What is employment relations? Arnold (2017) - The new black: The overworked, underpaid, cash-in-hand worker is becoming increasingly common Week 3 Textbook chapter 2 - The study of employment relations: analytical tools (pg. 33-39 only) Textbook chapter 3 - The study of employment relations: values Bray (2018) - Workplace cooperation and the potential for mutual gains Week 4 Textbook chapter 12 - Industrial conflict Pauk (1969) - The research paper: time and technique + ER in the news articles (useful for final exam and tutorial discussions)


Semester 1, 2018

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