Complete Course Notes from the entire semester compiling the following topics:

Topic 1 Forensic Accounting In Society
Topic 2 The Fraud Problem
Topic 3 Fraud Prevention
Topic 4 The Regulatory Environment
Topic 5 Fraud Detection
Topic 6 Financial Statement Fraud
Topic 7 Investigation Of Fraud

With Additional Information from the following recommended readings:

Kirby, Michael, When The Tide Runs Out, FASIG Conference Forensic Accounting – New Rules and Opportunities, 11 March 2010

APES 215 Forensic Accounting Services, Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board,

Benish, Messod D., “The Detection of Earnings Manipulation”, Financial Analysts Journal, Sept-Oct, 1999, (5), (13)

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Albrecht et al (2018), Forensic Examination, Cengage, 6e

Silverstone, Howard; Sheetz, Michael, Chapter 11, Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation, 2nd edition, Wiley,2007


Semester 1, 2017

40 pages

7,724 words


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