HI! These are my BUSS1040 notes which are super comprehensive and really helped me study for my final exam! I hope it helps you out too :)

Topics covered:
Week 1: Key concepts and comparative advantage
Week 2: Firm behaviour
Week 3: Demand, market equilibrium and welfare
Week 4: Elasticity, Perfect Competition
Week 5: Monopoly and market power
Week 6: Price discrimination, Monopolistic Competition
Week 7: Strategic Behaviour I
Week 8: Strategic Behaviour II
Week 9: Market Interventions – Price Regulation, Taxes & Subsidies
Week 10: Market Failures – Externalities & Public Goods
Week 11: GDP and Business Cycles
Week 12: Unemployment and Inflation


Semester 2, 2018

67 pages

15,644 words



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