Taken over Semester 3 (2018) A concise combination of lecture notes and most mandatory readings that will assist you in quizzes that are posted. Easy to understand, easy to navigate, no stress. List of Topics Covered: Week 1: Introduction, Ethnographies of Drug Use, Psychedelics/Hallucinogens, Drugs and Symbolism, Drug Law Reform Week 2: Cannabis, Cocaine Week 3: Neuropharmacology, Drugs of Abuse, Drug Abuse and Addiction, The War on Drugs, NSW Law Enforcement Perspective on Drugs, Drugs and Incarceration, Alcohol Drugs and Indigenous Australia Week 4: Political Economy of Opiates, Political Economy of Tobacco, Sacred Tobacco Week 5: Erectile Dysfunction Drugs, Imagining American sexuality in debates over access to contraceptive pills, Steroids, Placebo Effects


Semester 2, 2018

91 pages

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