Summer session, 2018

Commercial Law Extensive Notes - Including Answer Scaffolds (Summer 2019)

108 pages

46,235 words




These notes include:
- Most recent and up to date content (Summer 2019)
- There is an answer guide for the three main topics (SOGA, ACL and PPSA) which is perfect for problem questions in the final exam.
- Cases are highlighted in yellow and easily distinguishable.

A set of extensive in-depth Commercial Law notes collated from various materials including the required textbook, lecture material, my own research and problem question breakdowns.

These notes will provide you with a great overview of all of the semester content so you can focus on learning and applying the law in class, rather than wasting time copying the lecture slides!

These notes will also be a perfect guide for both statutory interpretation assessments so you will know exactly what to focus on to achieve the marks you want. The SOGA guide in particular allowed me to achieve an




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