These are fully comprehensive notes for the capstone subject for the physiology major. These notes include the finer details that are said by lecturers and often not found on their lecture slides. They are for the cardio section of the frontiers subject. The lectures in this set of notes include: Lecture : Exercise is Medicine Lecture : Food is Medicine Lecture : Cardiac Development & Cardiomyocyte Turnover Lecture : Cardiac Development & Cardiomyocyte Turnover II Lecture : New Perspectives on Heart Failure Lecture : Sex Steroids and Cardio-Protection Controversies Lecture : Obesity, Adipose and Arrythmia Vulnerability Lecture : Diabetes and the Heart: A Distinct (Fructose) Cardiomyopathy Lecture : Normal Cardiorespiratory Reflexes Lecture : Cardiorespiratory Reflexes Under Stress Lecture : Cardiorespiratory Reflexes in Disease


Semester 2, 2018

32 pages

14,124 words



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