Summer session, 2018

Accounting for Business Decisions A - 99/100 High Distinction - Completed 2019 (Fast-track)

83 pages

24,489 words




These are notes for 22107 completed in fast track (21 Jan-18 Feb 2019, prior to the beginning of Autumn session 2019), they are made using the ACCT2 Financial and Managerial textbooks, as well as readings from Fundamentals of Business Law. Notes from case studies used are also included.

Contains the following topics:
- Accounting in the world of business
- Financial statements
- Recording accounting transactions
- Accrual accounting and adjusting entries
- Cash and internal controls
- Receivables
- Inventory
- Introduction to management accounting and costing
- Cost volume profit analysis
- Budgeting
- Activity based costing
- Relevant costing
- Long-term decision making




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