Semester 1, 2015

HD Final Exam Summary Notes

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These are the course notes for TABL:1710 Business and the Law at the University of New South Wales.

Summary notes for the final exam, broken down by each week (Week 1-13)
They will be of great value to anybody who would like a better understanding of the subject or anyone undertaking this course at University. These notes greatly assisted me in achieving an excellent mark (High Distinction) in both my mid semester and final examination.

If you are looking to achieve a high mark in this subject or broaden your knowledge of communication strategies, then I highly recommend these notes.
Everything you need to know for the final exam
Simplified and divided into lecture content and reading analysis

Also includes the following:
Overview of the entire course basic content
Summary notes Divided into weekly lecture topics (1-12 weeks)
Summary of the case studies at the end
Hints for the final exam
Examples of Part A Questions
Past Paper Part B Questions included
Sample answers

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