These notes cover all lectures and tutorial questions from weeks 5-8. For other lectures, refer to my other listings. These are fully comprehensive, easy to follow and even contain all of the little details that lecturers have mentioned. They are great to follow even during your lectures. The following lectures are in these notes

Lecture : Key Functional Proteins in Skeletal Muscle
Lecture : Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Mass
Lecture : Skeletal Muscle Mass: Mechanisms of Atrophy
Lecture : Signalling Pathways Regulating Skeletal Muscle Wasting & Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Wasting by E3 Ubiquitin LIgases
Lecture : Cancer Cachexia
Lecture : Ageing and Skeletal Muscle
Lecture : The Role of Inflammation in Skeletal Muscle Maintenance
Lecture : Nutritional Interventions to Attenuated Wasting
Lecture : Growth Promoting Agents and Skeletal Muscle
Lecture : Gene Therapies for Neuromuscular Disorders


Semester 1, 2018

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