These notes cover all lectures and tutorial questions from weeks 1-4. For weeks 5-12, refer to my other listings. These are fully comprehensive, easy to follow and even contain all of the little details that lecturers have mentioned. They are great to follow even during your lectures The following lectures are in these notes: Lecture : Functional Properties of Skeletal Muscle Lecture : Overview of Exercise Metabolism Lecture : Carbohydrate Metabolism Lecture : Lipid Metabolism during Exercise Lecture : Protein Metabolism During Exercise Lecture : Disruptions in Lipid Metabolism and Metabolic Diseases Lecture : Metabolic Cross Talk, Exercise and Disease Lecture : Skeletal Muscle Fatigue Lecture : Oxygen Transport System During Exercise Lecture : VO2 Max and Ensurance Performance Lecture : Temperature and Fluid Balance during Exercise


Semester 1, 2018

26 pages

18,326 words



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