Semester 1, 2018

H1 Comprehensive Exam Notes - International Commercial Law and Disputes

48 pages

34,059 words




About the notes:
- These are one of my best notes and make for a very easy time in the exam. I found the structure of the notes very helpful and easy to follow. It is designed to reflect the kind of questions that could be asked in an exam. See in the sample, the text in red is the intros and an example of a way to structure your answer.
- Each of the covered topics includes an extensive introduction to be used in an exam as well as a detailed hypo structure.
- The notes have short case summaries as well as explanation of the importance and relevance of each topic.
- Notes on all relevant cases and detailed notes on how these cases are relevant in the exam.

About me:
- I am a recent graduate of MLS and have finished uni with a high H1 average.
- I have received several prizes for my academic achievements, including a scholarship covering the full tuition of my law degree, for placing as one of the top 2 students during my first year at law school.
- I was a STS tutor.
- I have been successful in securing numerous clerkships at top tier firms.
- I have a graduate job at a top tier international firm.

Topics covered in the notes:
- Sources of international business law
- International sale of goods
- International carriage of goods (by sea and air)
- International payments
- Corruption in global business
- Distribution, agency and franchising
- Intellectual property and licensing
- Foreign direct investment
- Dispute resolution (negotiation, mediation, litigation and arbitration)