Semester 2, 2018

Ultimate guide to Hd'ing Contracts Scaffolds

26 pages

10,846 words




This is a compiled scaffold summary of the entire LAWS1015/JD5002 course. Clearly set out and colour coded, necessary tests and procedures are easy to find.
Following these scaffolds, not only clarifies certain areas of difficulty, but will enable you to get a HD in Contracts!
Topic List:
Topic 1: Introduction (Not included as not relevant to exam)
Topic 2: Agreement
Topic 3: Consideration
Topic 4: Certainty
Topic 5: Intention to Create Legal Relations and Formalities
Topic 6: Estoppel
Topic 7: Terms
Topic 8: Construction
Topic 9: Estoppel
Topic 10: Exclusion Clauses and Privity
Topic 11: Discharge by Performance and by Agreement
Topic 12: Discharge for Breach and Repudiation
Topic 13: Discharge by Frustration and the Process of Termination




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