A WORTHWHILE SET OF NOTES!!! Thorough notes on ALL readings (from weeks 1-13, excluding week 8 as it was the mid-semester exam) are found in this set. Moreover, detailed notes from ALL lectures, with all case studies and business examples are also included. It was important to ALWAYS be up to date with readings and key points from lectures in IBUS1102. Students will be given 'Surprise Quizzes' throughout the semester which contribute towards their final mark. My overall summary of notes are very detailed as a lot of work has been put into them. I read every reading in this course to ensure that I was prepared for weekly discussions and quizzes. The sample page that I have uploaded shows how I have taken in-depth points/notes of each reading, and it is all clearly outlined as well as divided. The notes are broken down and provide a summary of each weekly topic. They can be further cut down to facilitate ease for exams. Topics included are (by week studied in course): 1. An Introduction to Culture 2. Fundamentals of Culture / Cultural Dimensions 3. Culture and Negotiations 4. Cross-Cultural Communication 5. Cross-Cultural Motivation and Leadership 6. Gender Issues in Cross-Cultural Management 7. Cross-Cultural Ethics and Intellectual Property 8. No lecture or readings due to mid-semester exam 9. Multicultural Teams 10. Decision Making and Risk Management 11. Customers and External Issues 12. International Human Resources and Expat Management 13. International Human Resources and Institutions


Semester 2, 2018

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