Semester 1, 2018

DISTINCTION (84) Full Notes - LAWS1015 Contracts

30 pages

14,883 words




These notes cover the full LAWS1015 - Contracts course. They're concise and are organised to maximise your understanding of the ratio, important obiter and dissenting arguments, so that you can easily apply them in problem questions.

Topics covered:
- Introduction and History
- Agreement: Offer and Acceptance
- Certainty: Completeness, 'Agreements to Agree', Illusory Promises
- Consideration
- Intention to Create Legal Relations
- Formalities
- Estoppel: Common Law, Promissory, Proprietary, Approaches to Remedy
- Terms: Pre-Contractual Oral Statements, Collateral Contracts, Incorporation, Implied Terms
- Construction: Historical and Current Approaches, Codelfa
- Exclusion Clauses
- Privity
- Discharge
- Termination: By Agreement, Electing to Affirm, Restrictions, Effect
- Failure of a Contingent Condition
- Breach: Condition vs Warranty, Intermediate Term
- Repudiation and Delay
- Frustration