These notes cover all topics and relevant readings for BUSS1020. Very neat notes, with my personal insights and tips.

I Ranked #1 for ECMT1020 and ECMT2150 (later stats subjects), and revised my entire BUSS1020 note set using this extra knowledge and the latest set of Uni lecture notes (Sem 2, 2018).

I made sure to make these notes as beginner-friendly as possible, whilst also being more than sufficient for a top HD mark. Good luck! :)

Topic list:
Week 1 - Types, levels, and sources of data
Week 2 - Sampling, organizing and visualizing data
Week 3 - Numerical descriptive measures
Week 4 - Basic probability
Week 5 - Discrete probability distributions
Week 6 - Continuous probability distributions
Week 7 - Sampling distributions
Week 8 - Confidence intervals
Week 9 - Hypothesis testing (one sample tests)
Week 10 - Hypothesis testing (two sample tests)
Week 11-12 - Simple linear regression
Week 13 - Multiple linear regression


Semester 2, 2017

114 pages

21,330 words



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