Research Methods Topics: 1. The Scientific Method 2. Pseudoscience 3. Hits and Misses: What Evidence Do We Need to Look For? 4. Confidence in Experimental Results: Reliability and Validity 5. Eliminating Confounds 6. Types of Experiments: From Anecdotes to True Experiments 7. Participant, Naturalistic Observations and Survey Methods 8. Types of Correlational Studies 9. Quasi Experimental Design 10. Choosing the Right Experimental Design and Factorial Designs 11. Ethics in Research Statistics Topics: 1. Psychology as Empirical Science 2. Descriptive Statistics 3. Measures of Variability 4. Z-Scores 5. Introduction to Probability 6. Probability and the Samples: The Distribution of the Sample Means 7. Inferential Statistics (Hypothesis Testing) 8. Correlation 9. Using T-Statistics for Inferences about Population Means and Mean Differences 10. T-Test for Two Related Samples 11. Introduction to Non-Parametric Statistics 12. Chi-S1uare


Semester 2, 2016

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