Complete individual summary of lectures, readings and tutorials and potential essay structures. List of topics covered: Topic 0: History, Development, Scope, Nature of PIL Topic 1: Sources of PIL Topic 2: International Legal Personality, Statehood, Recognition, Self-determination Topic 3: Title to Territory Topic 4: Treaties Week 6: PIL + Municipal Law Week 7: State Jurisdiction Week 8: Immunity from Jurisdiction: Diplomatic and Consulate Immunity Week 9: Immunity from Jurisdiction: State and Head of State Immunity Week 10: State Responsibility 1 Week 11: State Responsibility 2 - Treatment of Aliens and Diplomatic Protection Week 12: Use of Force Week 13: Dispute Settlement Potential Essay Structures: DOes the UNSC have too much power Recognition leading to being an international person or not


Semester 1, 2017

75 pages

39,687 words



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