Semester 2, 2017

Foundations of Research and Evidence-Based Practice EXAM NOTES

32 pages

4,000 words



This Exam Summary covers the most important content from the lecture notes that is most likely to come up in the exam.

Content is from lectures:
Lecture 1A: Introduction to evidence
Lecture 1B: Reasons for EBP
Lecture 2A: Formulating questions and searching for answers
Lecture 2B: Types of research
Lecture 3A: Levels of evidence
Lecture 3B: Ethics in human research
Lecture 4A: Research concepts 1
Lecture 4B: Research concepts 2 and revision
Lecture 5A: Using evidence in writing
Lecture 5B: Understanding results 1
Lecture 6A: Understanding results 2
Lecture 6B: Interpreting results