Semester 2, 2018

HD FIT2004 Algorithm and Data Structures Notes

19 pages

3,263 words




These notes are a combination of information obtained from lectures/tutorials. You can take these notes to print, take to lectures or use as revision of the entire course (will also be helpful for mid-sem test!).

With these I got a HD (88) for the subject.

Topic list:
1. Proof of correctness
2. Comparison sorting (count + radix sort) + sorting algorithms
3. Quicksort + Quickselect
4. Dynamic programming
5. Hash tables/ Binary trees/ AVL trees
6. Tries/Trees/Suffix Array
7. Burrow Wheels Transform (BWT)
8. Graphs (DFS, BFS, Djikstra)
9. Graphs (Floyd Warshall, Bellman Ford)
10. Minimum spanning tree (Prims, Kruskal)
11. Flow Network
12. Topological sort (Khan + DFS)




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