Autumn session, 2018

Criminal Law Notes - 84 Distinction UTS

45 pages

20,000 words




The notes follow the format (including an introduction etc) taught by UTS. The notes are made to be carried into the exam and written exactly as they are - that is why they are in a paragraph form.

Cases are included for all precedents. Headings are used to help find stuff faster. Alternatives are used to show different possibilities. Red is used to highlight things that may be considered based on the facts.

All defences are covered.

Topics Covered in the Notes:
- Fraud
- Murder
- Involuntary Manslaughter - Unlawful and Dangerous Act
- Involuntary Manslaughter by Criminal Negligence
(by act and by omission)
- Sexual Assualt
- Extreme Provocation
- Substantial Impairment of the Mind
- Self Defence
- Necessity
- Duress
- Mental Illness
- Sane Automatism
- Accessorial Liability
- Complicity: Joint Criminal Enterprise and Extended Joint Criminal Enterprise
- Attempt