Semester 1, 2018

H1 PATH30001 Complete Notes (all topics covered)

33 pages

16,583 words




Contains the full set of up to date notes for PATH30001 with all necessary information needed to ace your MSTs/EOS exam and get you the easy H1 for this subject!

This subject is content heavy although the content itself isn't challenging which will sometimes make you wonder what you actually need to know. For this reason, these notes have every lecture topic/disease split into the following subheadings (as specifically recommended by the subject coordinator)
- aetiology/cause/trigger of the disease
- molecules/pathways/genes involved
- cell biology-structure/organelles/changes in cells-morphology metabolism
- tissue and organ changes- morphology/ECM/whole organ and effect on whole organism patient
- science/medicine tackle problem to inhibit/reverse disease progression

This format of learning each disease in this topic was SO useful especially in preparation for the final exam big essay questions where you need to adopt this structure in your responses to maximise your marks.




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