Semester 2, 2018

ASNS1602 Comprehensive Notes (EXAM: HD)

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These Notes cover weeks 2-13 of content. They include lecture notes, reading notes and notes from videos posted on canvas. There is a table of contents at the beginning for ease of use. On the occasion that there is no specific lecture heading is often because I have combined my reading notes with my lecture notes taken in class.

The Universe, the Earth and Asia
Life, Early Humans
 and the Peopling of Asia
Collective Learning and Paleolithic Lifeways
Agriculture and
 the Early Agrarian Era
Cities, States and Agrarian Civilisations
Agrarian Civilisations: The Indus River Valley and
China's Two River Valleys
The Expansion of Agrarian Civilisations:
 The Chinese
Networks of Exchange: The Silk Roads
The Modern Revolution
Why not China?
The modern States, Nationalism and Imperialism
Modern Japan: Nationalism and Imperialism
Global Crisis and Conflicts
Capitalism, Communism and Revolutions
The Cold War
The Last Seventy Years
Growth and Sustainability
The Remote Future
The Emergence of Asian Religions
Empires, Exploration and Interconnection
Our Global World




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