Semester 2, 2018

LAW317 Equities & Trusts semester notes

174 pages

65,194 words



The best $49 you'll spend. This is a complex and lengthy subject. My notes are detailed and well organised and allowed me to narrowly miss getting a Distinction in this subject.

174 pages of notes covering the entire topic of Equities and Trusts from MQU Law School. Topics covered:

- Introduction; History & Nature of Equity
- The relationship between common law and equity; The nature of equitable interests
- Dispositions in Equity
- Fiduciary Obligations & Introduction to Trusts
- Express Trusts
- Trustees
- Beneficiaries
- Charitable Trusts
- Resulting Trusts
- Constructive Trusts
- Equitable Estoppel

Notes are organised with clear headings and all cases/legislation titles highlighted in yellow which makes it really quick to find relevant information during assessment tasks.




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