Semester 1, 2018

From Graffiti to Terrorism (CRIM10001) Essential Subject Notes

38 pages

11,882 words




High-quality subject notes created from key readings and twelve weeks of lectures. Also contains external research, diagrams, definitions and examples found to be directly relevant to the subject to enhance understanding of course material.

Material covered:
-Definitions of crime.
-Theories of crime causation.
-An overview of 9 different types of crime including the acts and laws involved, relevant case studies, statistics and key theories.
-Course review.

Crime topics covered:
1) Graffiti vandalism.
2) Animal cruelty.
3) High-speed pursuits.
4) Illicit drug use.
5) Sexual assault.
6) Armed robbery.
7) Hate crime.
8) Homicide.
9) Suicide terrorism.