Structured notes containing both lecture and (necessary and selective) reading content. Topics have appropriate headings and subheadings corresponding to how the course was structured by the lecturers in S1 2018. Quotes and cases are referred to frequently. Students who wrote these notes finished the course with D-HD averages.

NOTE: Most of the cases themselves are not summarized, nor the facts covered, in these notes - only the relevant law from them. Please refer to my separate note document for sale (Case Summary Notes) if you need that information as well.

Notes are separated into the topics:
1. Heads of Power
2. The Legislature (Constitutional Structure and Election, States' Legislative Power, Manner and Form Provisions, Abdication and Delegation, Parliamentary Privilege, etc.)
3. The Executive (Structure and Power, Terminology, Accountability, Statutory vs Prerogative Power vs Nationhood Power, Conflicts, Spending, etc.)
4. The Judiciary (Definition of Judicial Power, Separation, Boilermakers, Persona Designata, Judicial Adjustment, State Judiciary, etc.)


Semester 1, 2018

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