Semester 2, 2018

Above HD Summary of ANAT3X08

352 pages

120,000 words




These notes summarise the entirety of the course at a level exceeding that of a HD. They were formed using several anatomy books, Richard's notes and medical articles. As they summarize structures that are also not included in the current ANAT3X08 course, any additions to the course in the future are covered too.

They include more than 250 diagrams, which can be used to test yourselves. They also have more than 50 tables summarizing the main topics if the bulk of text does not suit you. Almost every structure discussed comes with a topic of interest too.

Topics covered include:
1. Introduction to anatomy
2. Shoulder region
3. Arm & elbow regions
4. Forearm & wrist regions
5. Hand region
6. Blood vessels of the upper limb
7. Innervation of the upper limb
8. Hip & gluteal regions
9. Thigh region
10. Knee region
11. Leg & ankle regions
12. Foot region
13. Blood vessels of the lower limb
14. Innervation of the lower limb
15. Back region & spinal cord
16. Development & evolution




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