Semester 2, 2018

300754: Neutoanatomy: Complete Study Guide

107 pages

15,596 words




This guide contains Study aides for the Spot test and the Final examination.

LECTURE MATERIAL (pg. 1-59); the following is covered and summarised from weekly content, including summaries and overviews at the end of each weeks lecture, simplifying the content.
Week 1; Introduction to Nervous System
Week 2 - Development of Nervous Systen
Week 3 - Blood supply to the brain + Cortical Neuroanatomy I
Week 4 - Cortical Neuroanatomy II
Week 5 - Hypothalamus + Limbic System
Week 6 - Motor Systems I; Descending control of movement
Week 7 - Motor Systems II; Cerebellum + Basal Ganglia
Week 8 - Sensory Systems I; Ascending Pathways
Week 10 - Cranial Nerves
Week 11 - Brainstem
Week 12 - Sensory Systenms II; Pain
Week 13 - PNS and Spinal Cord (application)
Week 14 - Review

SPOT TEST MATERIAL (pg. 60-107);
NOTE; images used to study this material were not included due to copyright and intellectual property of the images. This section is designed to have one structure per page with an image of each structure in the middle. Was a great study technique for the Spotter Exam! (Hint; search each structure on kenhub and paste image accordingly)
- Lobules and gyri
- Functional Areas
- Ventricular system
- Internal structures
- Cerebellum
- White matter tracts
- Cranial nerves
- Blood supply; arteries
- Blood supply; venous drainage
- Spinal cord

Use the written content and spot test content together to solidify a concrete understanding fo content.