Semester 2, 2018

PHTY207 Musculoskeletal Practice 2 - PRACTICAL SUMMARY 2018

11 pages

5,248 words



ENTIRE PRAC MANUAL SUMMARISED INTO 11 PAGES!!! Clear concise and easy to follow notes including ALL examinable techniques for the SHOULDER, ELBOW, WRIST & HAND. Ideal tool for studying for the practical examinations. Notes include patient and therapist positioning, how to perform the technique and the signs of a positive test!

For each the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand I have provided both physical examination and treatment methods!

Topics include:
- Physical Examination of the Shoulder Girdle
- Treatment of shoulder girdle conditions 1: Capsuloligamentous system
- Treatment of shoulder girdle conditions 2: Neuromotor control
- Neurological Assessment of the Upper Limb: Neurological Examination & Neurodynamics Testing.
-Neurodynamics testing and treatment of the Upper Limb
- Physical Examination of the Elbow
-Treatment of the Elbow
- Physical Examination of the Wrist & Hand
- Treatment of the Wrist and Hand




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