My notes cover all information taught and assessed in ECF1100, including information assessed in the assignments, mid-semester test and final exam. All information is ordered by the week each topic is taught as well as the order of the textbook. The content is organised, clean and easy to follow. Diagrams and images are provided to assist you in your understanding of the concepts. Weeks/topics covered in these notes include: - Week 1: Introduction to microeconomics - Week 2: The market forces of supply and demand - Week 3: Elasticity and its application - Week 4: Supply, demand and government policies, market efficiency and costs of taxation and subsidies - Week 5: Applications of supply and demand: international trade and labour markets - Week 6: Market failure and government intervention - Week 8: The costs of production - Week 9: Firms in competitive markets - Week 10: Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition - Week 11: Oligopoly and business strategy


Semester 2, 2018

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