Semester 1, 2018

Distinction (82) PCOL3012 notes

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Comprehensive and easy to understand notes for PCOL3012: Drug Design and Development. The notes are organised by lectures and lecture outcomes (if they were outcome) and diagrams and tables have been included to supplement the written text.

Lectures include:
L1: Course overview – chirality and thalidomide
L2: Binding to a target – shape and intermolecular forces
L3 and 4: Quantitative structure activity relationships 1 + 2
L5: Structure of drug targets: proteins
L6: Receptors (and transporters) as drug targets
L7: Cellular and Molecular Techniques (Protein crystallography) in neuropharmacology
L8: Proteins as a drug target: antivirals
L9 and 10: Quantitative Structure Activity – Opioids 1 & 2
L12: Polynucleotides as drug targets: cisplatin
L14: Chelation therapy
L15: Protein Therapeutics 1: New Therapeutic Opportunities
L16: Protein Therapeutics 2: Production and Development
L17: Drug Discovery: Finding a Lead
L18: Drug Design: Optimising target interactions
L19: Kinase inhibitors
L20: Parameters used to describe drug activity
L21: Prodrugs and drug transformations
L22: Combinatorial synthesis
L23: PET and SPECT agents 1
L24: PET and SPECT agents 2
L25: Big data in pharmacology
L26: Isolation from Nature

(the order of lectures may be different due to some lectures being quizzes etc)




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