Semester 2, 2018

H1 (91) Cognitive Psychology Notes (PSYC20007)

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Hello! I studied for the final examination almost exclusively from these notes and the lecture captures, and got a 91 for this subject.

These notes cover lecture and reading material from weeks 1-12 of the 2018 syllabus.

WEEK 1: What is Cognition?

WEEK 2-5: Attention
a) Historical Origins
b) Early and Late Selection
c) Structure, Capacity, and Control
d) Attention in Space and Time
e) Object-Based Attention and the Cognitive Neuropsychology of Attention

WEEK 6: Recognition and Eyewitness Testimony

WEEK 7: Concepts and Categories

WEEK 8: Learning and Knowledge

WEEK 9: Judgment, Decisions, and Reasoning

WEEK 10-11: Language
a) Language, Reference, and Meaning
b) Cognitive Models of Language
c) Bilingualism

WEEK 12: Cognition and Emotion

I hope my notes will help you!




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