This note includes: W1 White-Collar Crime: Introduction and Overview: What Is White-Collar Crime? W2 Who Is the White-Collar Offender?; Explaining White-Collar Crime: Traditional Criminological Theories W3 Explaining White-Collar Crime: The Opportunity Perspective W4 Financial Crimes in Health Care, Mortgages, Securities and Markets W5 Corporate Violence: Environmental, Workplace, and Manufacturing Offenses W6 The Symbolic Construction of Opportunity and the Social Distribution of Opportunity: Class, Gender, and Race W7 Corporate Crime and Corporate Governance W8 Corporate Crime and Corporate Social Responsibility W9 Legal Controls: The Criminal Justice, Regulatory, and Civil Justice Systems W10 Opportunities and Situational Prevention of White-Collar Crime: Using Legal and Extralegal Controls W11 The Role of Auditors, Whistle- blowers, Regulators and Prosecutors; Opportunities and the Future of White-Collar Crime Each week includes: My lecture notes Easy understand/follow theories and examples


Semester 2, 2018

55 pages

27,901 words



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