Semester 2, 2018

BTF3181 HD Week5-11 Final exam notes

27 pages

10,636 words




This notes includes topics from weeks 5; 7-11 includes
Wk 5 Advertising Ch10
Wk 6 in-sem test, no new content or reading
Wk 7 Selling techniques Ch11
Wk 8 Passing off Ch6
Wk 9 Registration of Trademarks Ch7
Wk 10 Copyright Ch4
Wk 11 Patent Ch2

The textbook we used is the "Marketing and the Law" 5th edition.

Within each weeks I incorporated my textbook reading notes, tutorial scenario question notes, also steps in answering the questions.

I use this notes as a guidance throughout my preparation for (1) final exam and (2) online quiz since we are only allowed to bring authorised physical textbook (with no paper attached) into the exam venue.

Hope you find this notes useful as I did.