Semester 2, 2018

96 (H1) Principles of Business Law Cheat-Sheet (Summarised cases)

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96 (H1) Principles of Business Law Cheat-Sheet!
Concise colour-coded cheat-sheet for use during the 2 online quizzes and exam to help you achieve your H1!

Summaries of relevant and important materials for the final exam.
Week 1 - Not examinable
Week 2 - Legislation
Week 3 - Case Law
Week 4 - Contract Formation
Week 5 - The Terms of A Contract
Week 6 - Contract Performance and Breach
Week 7 - Remedies for Breach of Contract
Week 8 - Vitiating Factors
Week 9 - The Australian Consumer Law
Week 10 - Tort Law
Week 11 - The Law of Agency: The basics
Week 12 - Revision

***Please note that the notes in may not include all the relevant materials in the chapters. The summaries I have selected and included in the notes are the ones I think are most relevant and examinable in Principles of Business Law.
***Contained all case studies and detailed notes on the law basically used this for the entire exam :) Cases are group by alphabetic order with key ideas of each case and all Facts and Decision are included.




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