Semester 2, 2018


18 pages

6,145 words




These notes are an extremely comprehensive, useful tool to assist in your learning and overall success in this unit. They are not a typical set of notes and are extremely concise and to the point in a really direct and well thought out manner. Please note, they focus on and deeply explore the broader terms and concepts covered throughout the semester which are directly examinable. All of the smaller, insignificant definitions and sub-topics are not examined at all - this is evidenced by the practice exam questions provided by the faculty as well as advice you will receive from your tutors and chief examiner.

The key to success in this subject is understanding how the broader terms and concepts interconnect with one another. The main concepts are ER, IR, HR, Employee Voice, Trade Unions, Good Faith Bargaining, NES, ACER, FWC, FWO, EA’s and EO’s, Pluralism, Unitarism, Conflict, Enterprise Bargaining etc. These notes are well equipped with key definitions, case studies and examples to use, key questions asked, and most importantly, an outline of an essay structure that contains all the key information required to understand the topics and construct a well formulated argument in the final exam AND MUCH MORE!

As I was the UNIT PRIZE RECIPIENT, with a score of 95%, I can assure you that these are a worthwhile investment and will be instrumental in your overall success as they were for mine!

Topics Covered:

NES VS ACER – Compare and contrast, strategic implications of adoption in establishing an ER culture

Benefits of membership of an Employer Association and Employer Organisation (using examples), the notion of a “good employer”

FWC and FWO – what are their roles and how can they be avoided?

Good faith bargaining and the use of trade unions in enterprise bargaining

Why some organisations have an IR Pluralist culture whilst others have an ER unitarist culture

Why should negative workplace behaviours be eliminated other than legal compliance – ER culture, business case and strategy