These notes are a comprehensive, wholesome set of notes that incorporate both the online lecture content from Weeks 1-12 as well as the textbook content. They are refined, and therefore extremely compact and concise, but thorough. The notes are separated by weeks and further separated by clearly defined sub-topics that will guide your study, and DIRECTLY translate to the learning outcomes of the unit which represent how the questions on the exam are likely to be asked! These notes are extremely useful and need not be supplemented with other notes. They are the complete, full package! Please note - what is taught in workshops and online lessons only skims the surface of the required breadth and depth of content you need to succeed. That's why I've supplemented them HEAVILY with the paraphrased unit textbook to account for this (I've saved you hours!) Topics Covered: - Intro to Brand Management - Consumer Based Brand Equity and Resonance - Brand Positioning - Brand Elements - IMC and Leveraging Secondary Associations - Measuring Brand Equity - Brand Extensions and Branding New Products - Reinforcing, Revitalising and Retiring Brands - International Brand Management - Conducting a Brand Audit (Same as Measuring Brand Equity) - Branding Trends


Semester 2, 2018

28 pages

15,928 words



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