Semester 2, 2018

GEN3030 (HD) Self Formulated Exam Preparation Questions & Answers

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GEN3030 has a lot of content packed into each lecture and this can be quite overwhelming. Given that there is not much practice provided leading up to tests / exams in this unit, I created this document of practice questions.

These self formulated questions and answers are very useful in ensuring that you understand the finer details of each concept. Organised very clearly with questions followed by detailed answers, this document will help you will ace the exam!

These questions / answers include topics from week 1 - 12. Completing these questions and having the answers available will allow you to practice as much as you like and provide yourself with more confidence going into the exam.

This document includes practice material for short answer and extended response sections of the final exam. These questions can also be used to prepare for the mid semester test / quizes and prac reports.

Each question is also accompanied by a reference of which week / topics the question relates to! In this way, you will be able to identify problem areas and subsequently search in your lecture notes / textbook.

Topics Covered:
- Weeks 1-3: Gene Regulation In Eukaryotes
- Week 4: Genetic Control Of The Drosophila Body Plan
- Week 6: Apoptosis
- Week 7: Neurogenetics & Behavior
- Week 8: Gene X Environment Interactions & Plant Development
- Week 9: Pant Development - How Plant Development Differs From That Of Animals
- Week 10: Plant Meristems - How Do Plant Tissues And Organs Arise?
- Week 11: Evo-Devo In Animals – How Are Developmental Processes Modified To Generate Diversity?
- Week 12: Genetic Control Of Circadian Rhythms




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