Semester 2, 2017

PSY3320 Self Formulated Multiple Choice Exam Preparation Questions & Answers

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PSY3320 has a lot of content packed into each lecture and this can be quite overwhelming. Since not much practice material is provided in the lead up to the final exam, I created this document of practice questions covering the entire unit. The final exam is only multiple choice so this document provides perfect practice for the exam.

These self formulated questions and answers are very useful in ensuring that you understand each concept. Tracking your progress will be useful to identify problem areas and topics that you need to focus on more.

This document was created using Excel so that each page corresponds to week 1-12 (eg. page 1 is week 1, page 2 is week 2 etc).

Each week includes 20-40 practice multiple choice questions 4 options (A-D) and an answer in the final column.

Completing these questions and having the answers available will allow you to practice as much as you like and provide yourself with more confidence going into the exam.

Week 1: Sleep: What is it, how much do we need and how do we measure it?
Week 2: Neurobiology of sleep
Week 3: Circadian rhythms introduction
Week 4: Neurobiology of circadian rhythms
Week 5: Circadian rhythm disorders
Week 6: Insomnia, hypersomnia, and sleep disturbance in everyday life
Week 7: Sleep disorders and their relationship to obesity
Week 8: Sleep across the lifespan
Week 9: Sleep deprivation and performance
Week 10: Impact of circadian dysfunction
Week 11: Impact of sleep and circadian dysfunction in the real world
Week 12: 'Uppers', 'downers', pharmaceuticals and their complex effects on sleep




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