Semester 2, 2018

Remedies - H1 Exam Notes with Checklist

46 pages

18,041 words




The note is fully indexed with bookmarks and headings, and therefore easy to navigate between sections. The author adopts a partisan approach and includes in one topic must-have statement as well as counter-arguments the other party might raise in the hypo.

The notes cover the 12 weeks' cases including the following topics:
- Compensatory damages for common law breach of contract
- Compensatory damages for common law tort
- Compensatory damages for misleading and deceptive conduct under ACL
- Equitable compensation
- Normative and exemplary damages
- Specific performance
- Injunction
- LCA damages in lieu of specific relief
- Account of profits
- Restitutionary damages for common law wrongs
- Restitution for unjust enrichment
- Rescission
- Nominal damages
- Self-help remedies
- Constructive trust

The checklist in the first five pages gives a full-picture review of the subject, making sure that no issue is missed in response to the hypo.

The author also sells her case notes for Remedies on StudentVIP.