Semester 2, 2018

Remedies - H1 Case Notes

87 pages

43,816 words




This note arranges cases alphabetically, has pinpoint citation to page or paragraph number (as in law report), and sets out key points emphasised in class discussion by yellow highlights, track changes and comments.

The notes cover the 12 weeks' cases including the following topics:
- Compensatory damages for common law breach of contract
- Compensatory damages for common law tort
- Compensatory damages for misleading and deceptive conduct under ACL
- Equitable compensation
- Normative and exemplary damages
- Specific performance
- Injunction
- LCA damages in lieu of specific relief
- Account of profits
- Restitutionary damages for common law wrongs
- Restitution for unjust enrichment
- Rescission
- Nominal damages
- Self-help remedies
- Constructive trust

Each case begins with notes on court level, year, judges and topic covered, followed by facts and pinpoint decision references, and sometimes ends with extract from casebook summary on relevant law.

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